The development process will typically oscillate between the following steps:

  1. Make changes to an application.

  2. Save an application to produce a draft.

  3. Review that application in a client or the preview tool to see what updates need to be made.

When the application is ready for consumption, the next step is to publish the application.

Drafts are only visible to users with the Owner and Developer roles, or custom roles that have the version:update permission. This means that users with only the default User and/or Manager role will only see published applications.

To publish an application, select button when viewing the application's dashboard.

Publishing an application will push a new version of the application to all users that have read access to the application. Users will receive a notification that the application has been updated and updates to the application will be reflected when the user exits and re-enters that application.

Saving a published application will create a draft that is accessible by roles with the version:updatepermission. To create a new published version, the Publish option should be used again.