Skylight Docs

Roles and Permissions

Skylight users and groups can be assigned to specific roles within a particular application to control access to the application as well as vary the UX, if applicable.
The default roles for an application are:
  • Owner
  • Developer
  • Manager
  • User
These roles are completely separate from the global Skylight user roles (admin, manager, user), which control access to the Skylight domain itself and not the application.
  • The initial user to create the application will be placed into the Owner role. Each role can have zero or more users and groups. While these default roles can be deleted, it is recommended to leave them intact.
Always make sure to have at least one user or group set to the owner role to maintain access to the application.
  • A single user or group can have multiple roles as well. The roles for a given user can be identified in client-side scripts by accessing the variable skylight.user.roles, which will be an array of the roles (e.g. [“Owner”, “User”]).
Role management for an application is available in the web portal. Open the dashboard for the application, then select Permissions from the left navigation panel.
New roles can also be created using the Manage Roles button in the upper right when viewing the permissions page. For detailed instructions on configuring media permissions, see Permissions