Skylight Docs

Getting Started

Choose between the Hello World tutorial, recipes, or Quick Start Applications to take you through developing your first Skylight Application.
There are three options for picking up Skylight development:
  • The Hello World tutorial
  • Recipes
  • Quick Start Applications

The Hello World Tutorial

If you'd like to start from a blank application and follow a step-by-step guide to add functionality to it, this is the place to start. This tutorial will teach the core concepts of developing a Skylight application, like working with local and session data.
To start the Hello World tutorial, go straight to Hello World.


For developers that like to work with code examples, recipes provide small importable application bundles that showcase specific features and ways to use Skylight.
To view available recipes, see Recipes.

Quick Start Applications

If you'd like to start with a fully-functioning application, Quick Start Applications provide application bundles for end-to-end solutions for specific use cases built on Skylight. These applications can be used as a starting point and be modified to fit your needs, or they can be used as a learning tool to see how the various concepts of Skylight work together.
To view available Quick Start Applications, see Quick Start Applications.