Skylight Docs

Part 0: Setup

Get everything setup to start building Skylight applications.
Time Required: 5 Minutes

1. Review technical & network requirements

2. Sign in and change your temporary password

Use the credentials provided by Upskill or your administrator to sign in to the Skylight web portal. Upon first signing in you will be required to change your password.

3. Install Skylight on your device(s)

To view your application on a device and iterate quickly while developing a Skylight application, it is recommended that you install a Skylight client on a supported device. As an alternative, the web client can also be used to view applications.
Download the Skylight client for your device:
Configure your device and install Skylight:
If you have previously installed a legacy Skylight client, it must be uninstalled from the device.

4. Sign in to Skylight on your device(s)

Read the user guides to learn how to sign in to the Skylight client on your devices: