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Collection view structure

Using collection views in Skylight
Collection View Recipe Application Bundle

What does this recipe include?

The root view of the recipe consists of a card that opens the collectionView. The root view is always created with a list structure, so we use a second view in this recipe to see how the collection view structure works.
The collectionViewitself is bound to the array of items in Each of these items specifies a type, along with other possible values used by the cards when performing the data binding. The card id selector for the view is set to type in the view's properties panel, which means that each item in the collectionCards array will map to a card in the view whose id matches the type value of the item.
The collectionView consists of one card for each type. The types of the items in the collectionCards array used by this recipe are:
  • text: The card with this id also binds to the value of the textproperty of the item, as well as possibly the fontSize property of the item. For the latter, it defaults to small.
  • text-with-icon: The card with this id also binds to the value of the text property of the item.
  • image-user: This card has an image of a user.
  • image-check: This card has an image of a check mark.
While this recipe uses an array from application data as the source of items for the collection view, other sources could be used including session and local data.
For more information about collection view structures as well as when to use a list view structure vs a collection view structure, see View Structures.