Compatibility Versions

The compatibility version supported by each client version is documented in the client's release notes.

Read Core Concept: Upgrade Management for more information on how handle compatibility between new application versions and clients.

Compatibility Version

New Features

Min Supported Client Version


  • application.usersobject

  • Responsive card sizing

Web Client 0.4

Smart Glasses 7.2.4 iOS 3.1.3 Android 3.1.0


  • Glyph support for card badge and accessory properties

  • status property for user presence on application.participants user object

Web Client 0.3

Smart Glasses 7.2

iOS 3.1


  • View title and description properties

  • preferSpeech property on startTextInput method

  • startVideoCapture() method

  • startMediaViewer() method

  • application.participants object

Web Client 0.2

Smart Glasses 7.1

iOS 3.1


All other features

Web Client 0.1

Smart Glasses 7.0

iOS 3.0