Quick Start Applications

Quick start applications are designed to help you launch your Skylight projects faster. You can use them out-of-the-box with built-in sample data for quick demos, or as a starting point for building your own custom applications that integrate to your enterprise systems.

The applications are designed with best practices for application architecture and UX design, so you are setup for success, whether starting with a proof-of-concept or doing a production rollout.

To get started, choose from one of the applications listed below, download the application bundle, and import to your Skylight domain.

Quick Start Applications


Retail Picking

Wire Harness Insertion

Wire Harness Routing

Work Instructions & Inspections

coming soon

Import a Quick Start Application

To import a quick start application into your Skylight domain:

  1. Select a quick start application from the list above and download the application bundle.

  2. Navigate to the Skylight web portal. Select Applications on the sidebar and clickin the lower right corner to add a new application.

  3. Select Import file, then choose the application bundle .zip file you downloaded.

  4. The application will now appear in the application list. Follow the instructions the quick start application's documentation for further instructions.