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Calling Quick Start Application


The calling quick start application provides the ability for users to make Skylight Live video calls by creating or joining a meeting room. Users can see and join meetings that they have created, as well as meetings that other users have created.


Meetings are open video calls that can have up to 4 users (participants) at a time. Meetings remain open until they are explicitly closed (archived) by their creator. A user can be active in only one meeting.

My Meetings

A user has full control over meetings that they create. These meetings are listed under My Meetings. The user can join the meeting, invite other users, archive, etc. There is no limit to the number of meetings a user can create.

Other Meetings

A user can see meetings that have been created by other users. These meetings are listed under Other Meetings. The user can join the meeting and view its media.

Deployment Guide

1. Download the Application Bundle
Calling Quick Start Application 2.0.3

2. Import the Application Bundle

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Skylight web portal. Select Applications on the sidebar and click
    in the lower right corner to add a new application.
  2. 2.
    Select Import file, then choose the application bundle .zip file you downloaded.
  3. 3.
    The application will now appear in the application list. Hover over the application and click Open Dashboard to configure further.

3. Configure Skylight Users and Groups

Instructions for creating users and groups in Skylight can be found in the Users & Groups administrator guide. Only users with an administrator role have permission to create and edit groups.
Users can only invite other users who share at least one common group with the calling user. However, users can see and join meetings from all app users, regardless of shared group. Consider adding groups to the application instead of individual users.
If you are using the free Skylight Developer Edition, then the Universal Calling Group has been pre-created for you. The Developer Edition does not includes access to create and edit groups.

Group Configuration

  • Create any number of calling groups or use any pre-existing Skylight groups
  • These groups can be named anything you wish and the name will appear on the "Invite participants" contacts list.
  • Add users as members to the group. Users can be a member of multiple groups if needed. Members of each group will also be listed individually in the contacts list.

4. Add Groups/Users & Configure Application Roles

The calling quick start application includes the following roles, which give different application permissions:
Application Permissions
Create, view, join, and archive meetings.
To add users to the application:
  1. 1.
    Open the Application Dashboard, and select Permissions on the sidebar.
  2. 2.
    Click the
    button to Add users.
  3. 3.
    Type of the name(s) of the user(s) or group(s) you wish to add and choose the User role. Then select ADD USERS(s) to give them access to the application.
There is a known bug in role permissions that prevents a user with a User role from initially seeing any meetings previously created by an Owner user when the app is opened. A previously created meeting will become available to the User once an action is taken on that meeting (such as someone joining the call) that would cause a session event to occur. The User will still be able to see any new meetings created by the Owner. If possible, use a separate admin user account as the app Owner.

5. Publish the Application

The application must be published in order for it to be sync'd to users' devices. To publish the application:
  1. 1.
    Open the Application Dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Click the publish button.
  3. 3.
    A confirmation dialog will appear. Click PUBLISH to make the application available to all users.

User Guide

My Meetings

The My Meetings section shows the active meetings that the user has started. A user may start any number of meetings, but can only be active in one meeting at a time. The My Meetings heading shows the number of active meetings started by the user.

Start New Meeting (Empty Room)

1.Select Start new meeting Web
Smart Glasses
2. In the Select action menu, select Create an empty room. Web
Smart Glasses
3. The meeting will be started, and the user will join the call as the only participant.
4. Once in the call, minimizing the call will return you to the main view in the application where you can now see there is a new meeting under My Meetings and the count is 1. The meeting info shows the default meeting name "My Meeting" along with the start date/time and current participants (currently Just you). Web
Smart Glasses
Selecting the meeting (or clicking on the CALL OPTIONS button) will bring up Meeting Actions. Web
Smart Glasses
Note: you cannot invite more users to the meeting while you are actively in the meeting. You must leave the call before inviting other participants. Selecting the Invite participants to meeting while in the meeting will result in an error notification.

Start new Meeting (Invite Participants)

  1. 1.
    Select Start new meeting Web
    Smart Glasses
  2. 2.
    In the Select action menu, select Invite participants to meeting
    Smart Glasses
  3. 3.
    User will be taken to the Invite participants to meeting screen.
  4. 4.
    After selecting users and/or groups and selecting Invite, the meeting is created with you as the first participant. The invited participants will receive a notification on their device, inviting them to join the call. As users join the call, their names will be added to the list of participants for the meeting. Your username is highlighted in blue. Web
    Smart Glasses

Other Meetings

The Other Meetings section shows the active meetings that have been started by other users, including the total number of other meetings. The meeting info shows the same info as those in My Meetings : meeting's name, the start date/time, and current participants. Web
Smart Glasses
Selecting one of these meetings (or clicking on the JOIN button) will bring up Meeting Actions. Web
Smart Glasses

Meeting Actions

Selecting a meeting (or clicking on CALL OPTIONS/JOIN) will bring up a menu of actions that can be taken on that meeting. Depending on the state of the meeting, the list of selectable actions may include one or more of the following:
Return to meeting/Join meeting :
  • if the user is not currently in any meeting, user will join that meeting.
  • if the user is currently in another meeting, user will receive notification with message "Please leave your active meeting before starting another one."
  • if the user is currently in this meeting,
    Web/iOS: user will receive notification with message "Please tap on the green banner at the top to return to the meeting."
    Smart Glasses: the call screen will be brought back to the foreground.
Invite participants to meeting:
  • if the user is currently in any meeting (this or any other meeting), user will receive notification with message "Please leave the meeting before inviting other users."
  • if the user is not currently in any meeting, user will be taken to the Invite participants to meeting screen
End the meeting (archive): [My Meetings only] user can end their own meeting permanently (close the whole session). This option is only available if the meeting has no current participants.
Rename meeting: [My Meetings only, not available on Smart Glasses] user can rename their own meeting to provide a more meaningful topic name. limit of 100 characters. This option is available at any time and only to the meeting's creator (My Meetings).
View media: user can view any media that was captured (snapshot) or uploaded as part of the meeting.

Invite participants to meeting

You can invite one or more users and/or groups to join you in a meeting. Selecting Invite participants to meeting will take you to this screen. Web
Smart Glasses
The Invite participants to meeting screen shows 1. Your available contacts (users and groups) 2. Active users already in the meeting: any users already in the meeting will have their contact selected and disabled; and the Invite button will show the active user's name (non-wearables) or participant count (wearables) Web
Smart Glasses
Select one or more users or groups to invite. That user or group will show as selected and added to the Invite button. Web
Smart Glasses
If you try to invite too many participants (maximum of 4 allowed, including yourself), you'll receive an error notification. Web
Smart Glasses
If you invite a group, all the members of the group will receive the meeting invite. Group members can join the call individually until the max of 4 has been reached for that meeting.
Click on the Invite button to send the invite to selected participants and join the meeting. The invited participants who are not already in the meeting will receive an invite notification.

Participant Filters

To filter the list of participants, select the filters button and then select the filter Web
Smart Glasses

Participant Search (non-wearables only)

To search for a user or group by name, select the Search field and start entering the name.

Using In-Call Features

Refer to the Web Client User Guide or Smart Glasses Client User Guide for instructions on using the in-call Skylight Live features.

Other Information


Web Client
Smart Glasses Client

Known Limitations

  • You cannot invite participants to a meeting while you are in a call.
  • A user having the Owner role may not have their meetings show up in Other Meetings for other users.

Release Notes


  • Fixed bug for user list not populating when selecting Start New Meeting


  • Fixed user badge does not toggle when contact selected


  • Use the "Auto" card size for the web and mobile (iOS/Android) clients.


  • A simpler calling app with meeting rooms that must be manually closed (archived).
  • Meetings are grouped as My Meetings or Other Meetings.


  • Updated positioning of images on cards
  • Made application more robust in low-network scenarios


  • Initial release of the Calling Quick Start Application