Workflow Quick Start Application


The workflow quick start application is designed for step-by-step instructions or data collection use cases such as:

  • Inspections

  • Work instructions

  • Assembly procedures

  • Field service

  • Checklists

Are you new to Skylight Workflows? Please read the Definitions Section to learn about Skylight Workflow terminology Step 1: Install and Configure the Workflow Quick Start Application Step 2: Import Workflow Templates Step 3: Use Your Workflow Templates

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Commonly Used Terms




A workflow is a collection of Workflow Steps used to complete, verify or review a given task based on the needs of your business.

Workflow Steps

A workflow step is predefined task for completing work inside Skylight. See here for more information on Workflow Steps.

Workflow Template

A workflow template is a reusable workflow defined through Workflow Steps inside an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel Synchronization Tool

The Excel synchronization tool is a GUI based program used for creating, updating, and removing workflows from Skylight.

Skylight Application

See here for more information on Skylight Applications.

Work Session

A work session is a specific instance of work being executed inside Skylight. See here for more information on Skylight Work Sessions.

Other Information


  • Smart Glasses Client 7.1.0 or newer

  • Web Client 0.1.1 or newer

  • Windows x64 system to use the Workflow import tool

Known Limitations

  • The Input Text step does not currently provide a way to toggle the character set between alphanumeric and numeric entry.

Release Notes


  • Added ability to call users directly from the calling step.


  • Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

    • Added Workflow Import GUI

    • Increased media file import size limit

    • Added ability to import non-embedded excel reference media files

  • Workflow Quick Start Application

    • General sync and performance improvements


  • Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

    • Added a new column Videos to the workflow template. The column value is a semi-colon separated list of file names. The tool uploads the files and associates them with the step.

  • Workflow Quick Start Application

    • If a step has video(s), then display a preview image. To play the videos, select the step, select the View media action, and then select the video.


  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash on iOS

  • Manager can now step into nested section steps


  • Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

    • Add new step types: VideoStep, AddItemStep, DeleteItemStep, ExitItemStep, EndSectionStep

  • Workflow Quick Start Application

    • Add new step types: captureVideo, addItem, deleteItem, exitItem

    • Improve stability when submitting workflows


  • Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

    • Correctly determine the last row with data

  • Workflow Quick Start Application

    • Fix issues with icons and text input


  • Pre-release of the Workflow Quick Start Application