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Customize your workflow templates

Create Customized Excel Workflow Templates


Workflow Excel Template Introduction
This an overview to show how Excel Spreadsheets can be used to build workflows inside Skylight. Using a spreadsheet, you will be able to define text and images for each step of your workflow. Then, with the click of a button, these steps will be transformed into Skylight workflows that can be used on mobile devices or smart glasses.

Excel Template Columns

Lesson 1: Excel Template Columns


This is where you will put a short text description of your workflow.


There are eight different step types, see more on this below.


This is where the body of text for your instruction will be.


This is where you will define if a step must be complete before the workflow can be submitted.


This allows you to branch to other spreadsheets within your workflow once this item is completed.

Main Step Types

Text and Choice Steps

The two main steps needed in any workflow are Text steps and Choice steps. See below to understand out how to implement those for your workflow.

Text Step

The most basic part of a workflow, this step that allows for plain text display.
Lesson 2: Text Step

Choice Step

A choice step allows for a multiple choice question to be filled out during your workflow.
Lesson 3: Choice Step

Additional Step types

Some additional step types will be needed for special scenarios. See below to understand how those might be relevant for your workflows.

Section Step

A step that can be used to add sub steps to your work. This can be used to nest additional steps within your workflow.

End Section Step

A step that can be used to end a section step. This will end the additional nested steps and allow you to continue adding steps at the top level.

Photo Step

A step that allows the user to take a photo. Captured photos are stored in the session's media with the step's id as a label.
A capture photo step is considered complete if at least one photo has been taken.

Record Step

A step that allows for textual user input. On the web client, selecting this step will bring up a text box for data entry. On HUD devices that support speech-to-text (such as the Google Glass EE2), selecting this step will bring up a speech-to-text prompt.
This step is considered complete if text has been input.

Call Step

A step that allows the user to join the call associated with this workflow. Every workflow has one call room associated with it that up to 4 users can join.
Refer to the Web Client User Guide or Smart Glasses Client User Guide for instructions on using the in-call Skylight Live features.
A call step cannot be required and as such cannot be completed.

Scan Step

A step that allows the user to use the device's camera to scan a barcode. The scan result is recorded as text.
A scan step is considered complete if the text from a successful scan has been recorded.

Add Item Step

A step that allows users to add new items any number of times during a workflow. Essentially, this is a button that will create a new set of steps based on the sheet defined in the "Action" column.

Submit Step

A step that allows the user to submit the workflow. This will set the status of the workflow to submitted and the workflow session will be removed from the list of active sessions.
The session's recorded data, such as from Choice steps and Capture Photo steps, will be retained within Skylight and can be accessed even after a workflow has been submitted.

Bluetooth Torque Wrench Step

A step that enables a torque value to be collected by Skylight.
Upper and lower thresholds, unit of measure, and tool type may be specified using the accompanied sync tool. Skylight will capture the highest torque value reached if between the lower and upper torque value thresholds