Skylight Docs

Step 2: Import Workflow Templates

1. Download and Unzip the Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

2. Launch the Excel Workflow Synchronization Tool

Double-click SyncWorkflow.exe to launch the synchronization tool.

3. Enter Skylight connection settings

Enter the Skylight connection settings using the GUI:
Field Name
Skylight Username
Your Skylight Username
Skylight Password
Your Skylight Password
Skylight Domain
Your Skylight Domain name
Skylight Web URL
Skylight US: Skylight EU:
Application Name
Your Application Name. By default this is: Workflow Quick Start Application v1.5
Select the Sync Templates tool.
Click on Next to go to the configuration screen of the selected tool.

4. Configure the tool

Field Name
Sync Directory
Folder location containing the workflow templates

5. Check for Errors

If Completed successfully, proceed to Step 3: Use Your Workflow Templates.
If Completed with failure, check the displayed message. Fix the error and repeat the process. If you are still receiving an error, please contact [email protected]
Navigate to the logs folder and review the app.log file for error messages.