Skylight Docs

July 2021

Release Highlights

Dynamic Action Adapters

App developers can now dynamically change the list of card and/or app menu actions based on application state. Learn more
Menu actions updating based on selection state


App developers now have the ability to invoke two types of dialogs through a new appCore function called showDialog ():
  1. 1.
    Simple Dialogs - Invoke for quick access to additional read-only content.
  2. 2.
    Confirmation Dialogs - Invoke when the user needs to choose from up to two options before proceeding.


App developers can customize snackbars (through appCore showNotification). Include up to one button-based action in the snackbar to further reinforce and empower user-based control of the application.

Text Input Improvements

The text input function has been extended with additional features and UI updates for a better developer and end user experience.

Scan codes without obscuring instructions

The startScanner() function now launches the scanner as a “fragment”, allowing users to simultaneously scan and read instructions. Additional developer options have also been added.