Skylight Docs

November 2021

Release Highlights

Updated HMT-1 Client

The HMT-1 client has been completely redesigned to support a more intuitive and discoverable voice-driven experience.

Smart Glasses: Text Card Auto-Overflow Handling

Text cards now support automatic overflow handling. If the card contains more text than can be displayed at once, the client automatically adds the ability for users to access the full text by saying or speaking the “Read more” action.

iOS Media Inspector

A media inspector has been added to the media viewer activity. Users can inspect a media file’s details and perform role-based actions such as deleting the file.

Web & iOS Client: Annotation shapes

Web & iOS client users can now select and add various shapes to their image annotations.

App Builder: Display Card Counter

Application developers can now specify whether the card counter should appear on a per-view basis for both supported view modes.